The Mr & Mrs Quiz

 So you have found out about our Mr & Mrs Test?? Well this is all about a bit of fun and entertainment. Its time to put the wedding couple to the test, the big day is all about you after all so lets see how much you know about each other or at least see who sticks to the truth! We will put the grooms/brides/bride & groom out of sight from each other but in plain view of everyone else and see who is the most truthful and don’t worry its mammy & daddy approved!


The test is complete with sparkly paddles and is guaranteed to supply laughs! Its a great addition tour Full Wedding DJ Package or even just as section to be included in the After Band DJ Option. It comes at no extra cost and all you have to do is ask about it. Good luck!


mrs mrs quiz cut outMr and Mrs Quiz 1mr mr quiz cutout

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